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Orthodontist in South Hills of Pittsburgh Explains Insurance Coverage for Orthodontics

July 29, 2017

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Concerned about your insurance benefits for orthodontics? Your orthodontist in South Hills of Pittsburgh explains how it works.You’re tired of living with crooked teeth! You’ve thought about straightening your teeth, but a few things hold you back such as wearing braces, and the cost. The good news is there are discreet options for adults, and many dental insurance plans often offer coverage for orthodontics! Your orthodontist in South Hills of Pittsburgh explains how coverage works and why it’s important to straighten your teeth.


Dentists Vs. Orthodontists for Metal Braces in Cannonsburg

June 21, 2017

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Cartwright Orthodontics specializes in braces in Cannonsburg. Your oral health should never be taken lightly. It doesn’t matter if you have minor or severe health concerns. That’s why it’s important to choose the right professional when considering getting braces in Cannonsburg. You may think it’s just fine to visit your local general dentist. In reality, you should really be searching for an orthodontist that can provide the services you need and back you with expert knowledge in the alignment of your smile. Let’s compare a general dentist’s specialties to an orthodontist’s and see which is right for you.


South Hills of Pittsburgh Orthodontist Discusses Impacted Teeth

May 11, 2017

South Hills of Pittsburgh orthodontist addresses your concerns about impacted teeth. If someone mentions impacted teeth you are probably going to think that they are talking about wisdom teeth. However, other teeth can also be impacted, meaning they have not erupted into the proper position in the mouth. After wisdom teeth, maxillary canines or the upper eyeteeth are most often impacted. South Hills of Pittsburgh orthodontist Dr. Gary Cartwright likes to see young patients by the time they are eight years old in order to monitor the growth and development of their teeth. Then, with follow-up appointments every six months, early intervention and a proper course of treatment can be planned for impacted teeth.


Choosing the Best South Hills of Pittsburgh Orthodontist

April 30, 2017

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How to find the best south hills of pittsburgh orthodontist.Whether you’re looking for someone to straighten your child’s teeth or it’s your own smile that could use a little realigning, you need an excellent South Hills of Pittsburgh orthodontist to do the job. There are many to choose from, so how can you be sure you’re making the right choice? Cartwright Orthodontics has some tips to help you decide.


South Hills of Pittsburgh Orthodontist Recommends Observation Appointments

March 23, 2017

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Schedule pre-orthodontic observation appointments with South Hills of Pittsburgh orthodontist Dr. Cartwright. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents schedule a first orthodontic appointment by the time their children are seven years old. You may think this is a bit young to begin seeing the orthodontist, but this early visit gives South Hills of Pittsburgh orthodontist Dr. Gary Cartwright the chance to evaluate their dental development. And if you child doesn’t need braces at this young age, follow-up visits can be very beneficial as they and their smiles grow.


Orthodontist in the South Hills of Pittsburgh Discusses Your Child

February 16, 2017

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Orthodontist in the South Hills of Pittsburgh discusses both phases of orthodontic treatment.

If you have a child with orthodontic problems (such as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite), you might be tempted to let them simply “grow out of it.” This is a choice many parents make in an attempt to “protect” their children from getting unnecessary orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, this approach is somewhat misguided. It is actually very important for your child to get an orthodontic evaluation at 8 years old, as this can prevent them from needing more extensive treatments later in life. It may be more beneficial to have two parts or phases of treatment. Simply having your child only complete one phase may not give them the same results and may leave them with unattended problems that can cause more issues in the future. You can think of the phases as two parts of a whole; they both manage and correct any problems your child might have, ensuring them the smoothest experience possible. Dr. Gary Cartwright, your orthodontist in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, is going to tell you a little more about each of these phases, and why both of them are important. (more…)

South Pittsburgh Orthodontist’s Food Drive Was a Success!

January 30, 2017

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Update on the food drive from your South Pittsburgh Orthodontist.The last thing anyone wants during the holidays is an empty table. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many families in South Pittsburgh who can’t cover their basic needs this time of year. In the spirit of the season, South Pittsburgh orthodontist, Dr. Gary Cartwright, and his team run a food drive every November and December to help local families. We’re happy to report that it was a resounding success, and want to share a little more about how our patients reached into their hearts to help the less fortunate in their community. (more…)

Holiday Foods with an Orthodontist in South Pittsburgh

December 12, 2016

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What does my orthodontist in South Pittsburgh think my child with braces should eat?The holidays are filled with many things: family, lights, music, and most of all, food. Candies, pies, and sweets of all kinds seem to rain from the sky this time of the year, but many of them can be risky for a person with braces to eat. How can you, or your child, enjoy the holiday season without damaging your braces? Here are a few tips from your orthodontist in South Pittsburgh, Dr. Gary Cartwright. (more…)

The First Visit to the Orthodontist in South Hills of Pittsburgh

November 21, 2016

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Is it time for my child to go to the Orthodontist in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

Your child has many milestones to reach over the course of their life. Modern medical science has made it simple for you to track every stage of their development, like when they should be able to lift their head or roll over. Their teeth coming in is a big milestone. It means both you and your child have a new set of responsibilities. For you, the question is, “When should I take them to see the orthodontist in the South Hills of Pittsburgh?” Should you wait until all of their baby teeth fall out? Should you go as soon as their baby teeth come in? Dr. Gary Cartwright in the South Hills of Pittsburgh has the answers to all of these questions and more.

Your Pittsburgh Orthodontist Celebrates National Orthodontic Health Month

October 26, 2016

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Learn more about National Orthodontic Health Month from your Pittsburg orthodontist.October is National Orthodontic Health Month, and your team at Cartwright Orthodontics would like to take this opportunity to celebrate fall, holidays, and the benefits of orthodontic treatment. For over twenty years Dr. Gary Cartwright has been creating amazing smiles and optimum oral health. Your Pittsburgh orthodontist takes this opportunity to celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month!


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