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Why an Orthodontic Visit is Important Before School Starts

August 8, 2019

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young girl smiling wearing bracesAt this time of the year, it’s likely that you’re busy running errands and making any last-minute purchases before school starts. In the midst of making the final preparations, your dentist in McMurray says don’t forget about your child’s oral health. If he or she is around the age of seven, then it’s a good idea to schedule an orthodontic visit before the new school year starts. Therefore, if there are any bite issues that need to be corrected, your child’s orthodontic dentist can develop a plan of action before the new semester gets underway.

Why is an Orthodontic Visit So Important?

It’s a great time to take your child for an orthodontic visit while the primary teeth are still present. That’s because it allows for the correction of any bite issues early on. Furthermore, at this more malleable stage of your child’s orthodontic development, it’s much easier to make any necessary changes. The visit will typically include a dental professional capturing X-rays and intraoral pictures, and the orthodontist performing a thorough examination of your child’s growing teeth and jaw.

Signs That Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment

The following are some of the indicators that your little one needs orthodontic treatment:

  • Protruding or crooked teeth
  • Struggling to bite or chew food
  • Teeth that are unusually close together
  • Tongue thrusting after the age of seven
  • Noticeable large spaces between the teeth
  • Multiple occurrences of accidental lip biting
  • Thumb or finger sucking past the age of seven

Again, by taking a more proactive approach and having your child examined early, any of these challenges can be corrected with less difficulty.

Why Visit Before School Starts?

Even though you now have a better understanding of why it’s better for your child to undergo an orthodontic visit sooner than later, you still may be wondering why this is so important to do before school starts. One reason is that it will make life much easier for you. If you’re like most people who reserve some vacation time for the summer months, you’ll only need to dedicate a portion of one day to taking your child in for an examination.

Another benefit of a summer visit is that it will prevent your child from having to miss any days from school. Thus, by taking the appropriate action early on, it’s a win-win situation all around. To have the peace-of-mind of knowing your child has a healthy and beautiful set of teeth, contact your orthodontic dentist today to schedule a summer visit!

About the Author

Dr. Gary Cartwright earned his dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He then went on to receive specialty training in orthodontics from the University of New York, Stoney Brook. In addition, Dr. Cartwright has received his Board Certification from the American Board of Orthodontics, and he maintains professional affiliation with the American Association of Orthodontics. He ensures that children have straight and healthy teeth at Cartwright Orthodontics, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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