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What Makes Cartwright Orthodontics, Your Orthodontist in Bethel Park, Stand Out From Other Orthodontists

March 29, 2016

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Your orthodontist in Bethel Park creates beautiful smiles. There are a lot of questions when it comes to straightening teeth. Should my child start orthodontic treatment early? Should my dentist straighten their teeth? How long will treatment take? When it’s time for your child to straighten their smile you’ll want to find the right orthodontist to work with. Cartwright Orthodontics is a great place to start. Here’s why your orthodontist in Bethel Park stands out from the rest.

Can My Dentist Straighten My Smile?

Many dentists may offer some form of orthodontia at their practice. For example, a lot dentists are currently working with Invisalign to help patients correct their teeth. This type of treatment works well for adults who may have already had braces and only need minimal correction. If your case is more difficult or requires bite alignment, it’s best to consult with an orthodontist. These doctors have completed at least two or more years of training beyond their dental training that allows them to specialize in the movement and alignment of teeth and bite.

It’s also important to remember that dentists are busy doing crowns, fillings, dental implants and other restorations. Orthodontics is not their focus. Dr. Gary Cartwright, your Orthodontist in McMurray will be focused solely on straightening your smile in the best and most efficient way possible. He has been practicing orthodontics in Southwestern Pennsylvania for over twenty years.

Should My Child Start Early?

Dr. Cartwright recommends seeing children around the age of seven in order to determine if early orthodontic treatment might be necessary. While it’s not necessary for every child, there are some advantages to early orthodontia. In some cases, early treatment can help create space for incoming adult teeth, avoiding the need for extractions. Early treatment may also reduce your child’s time in braces later on.

Dr. Cartwright spends a lot of time explaining his diagnosis and reviewing treatment options with his patients. This is all done at your complimentary initial visit, which also includes a panoramic x-ray and photos of your mouth, along with a thorough evaluation of your teeth and bite. Most patients agree that Dr. Cartwright spends a lot more time with his patients than other orthodontists in the area, and you’ll find that this level of service continues throughout your active treatment.

At Cartwright Orthodontics we understand that your time is valuable and orthodontics does require frequent visits. So not only do we provide a comfortable and welcoming environment at both of our locations, we also strive to see every patient in a timely and efficient manner. We will be there to take care of any of your orthodontic emergencies, so that your treatment won’t be delayed or thrown off track. We feel like these are only a few of the details that set us apart, contact our office today and see for yourself how we’re different!

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