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Smile Gallery

Below are before & after photographs of common orthodontic diagnoses which Dr. Cartwright and his staff have treated.

Crowded Teeth: (Before and After)

After orthodontic treatment in McMurray, PA

Crowding Before Crowding After

Spacing: (Before and After)

Crowded teeth before orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatments for crowded teeth in Bethel Park, PA

Braces for spaced teeth in Bethel Park

Cross Bite: (Before and After)

Orthodontic treatment for cross bite in McMurray

Protruding Teeth

Orthodontics for Protruding Teeth

Deep Bite: (Before and After)

Deepbite Teeth before Orthodontic Treatment Deepbite Teeth Treatment in McMurray

Deep bite orthodontic treatment in Bethel Park

Surgical Deep Bite: (Before and After)

Deep bite Before Orthodontic Surgery Deep bite after orthodontic surgery in McMurray

Surgical deep bite treatment in McMurray

Open Bite: (Before and After)

Open Bite After Treatment from McMurray Orthodontist, Dr. Cartwright

Under Bite: (Before and After)

Under bite Surgery Before After under bite treatment from Dr. Cartwright in McMurray

Before under bite surgery from Dr. Cartwright After under bite surgery in Bethel Park, PA

Bethel Park Office

Dr. Gary Cartwright, DMD
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McMurray Office

Dr. Gary Cartwright, DMD
2000 Waterdam Plaza Drive, Suite 160
McMurray, PA 15317
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Complimentary Exam

Dr. Cartwright offers a complimentary consultation for children under 18 that consists of a panoramic x-ray, photographs, a thorough orthodontic examination and a discussion of potential treatment options.

4880 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102 USA
Gary Cartwright, DMD Bethel Park, PA Orthodontist. (412) 833-6188
2000 Waterdam Plaza Drive, Suite 160, McMurray, PA 15317 USA
Gary Cartwright, DMD McMurray, PA Orthodontist (724) 942-5130