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5 Tips for Removing Your Clear Aligners

May 1, 2022

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Woman removing her clear aligners.

When it comes to quickly and subtly improving your smile, few options are as impressive as clear aligners. Provided you do things correctly, they can effectively fix misaligned and crooked teeth and give you a straighter, healthier set of pearly whites. However, even though it’s crucial to wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day, there will still be times when you’ll need to take them out. But there’s nothing to worry about—this is easier than it sounds! Keep reading to learn about five tips that will help you safely and correctly remove your aligners without compromising your treatment.

1. Stay Relaxed

You aren’t immediately going to be an expert when it comes to removing your aligners; practice makes perfect! If you’re having trouble initially, it’s important to stay calm, as tensing up and stressing yourself out will only make things more difficult. If you’re feeling a little flustered, take a deep breath, pause, and relax for a few minutes before trying again. Be sure to not rush and forcibly remove your aligners, either, as you could potentially damage them or your teeth.

2. Keep Your Mouth Warm

Ice-cold drinks are great for cooling off, but you should refrain from drinking them before removing your aligners. These beverages can cool down your mouth to the point where it becomes difficult to remove your aligners! If the inside of your mouth is warm, the plastic of your aligners will feel a little more flexible and they’ll be easier to pop out. Consider drinking lukewarm water to warm up the inside of your mouth before attempting to remove your aligners, and make sure your fingers are also warm and dry.

3. Start from The Back

It might seem more natural to start from the front, but you should begin removing your aligners by lifting them off your molars on each side first, and then gradually working your way towards the front. You can also start on one side and work your way towards the other. It’s a matter of finding a method that works for you; but starting from the back minimizes the chance of injury or damage to your aligners. If you have additional attachments, be sure to show extra care and patience.

4. Use an Aligner Hook

There are many special tools that can assist you with removing your aligners; for example, Pul Tools and OrthoKeys are very effective and widely available through many retailers, including Amazon. They function similarly to crochet hooks; except they’re designed specifically for removing your clear aligners without hurting you or them. They simply hook under the edge of the aligners and lift it up from your teeth, with no mess or hassle.

5. Change Your Aligners in The Evening

Throughout your treatment, you’ll have to occasionally swap to a new set of aligners as part of the treatment process. There are two main benefits to doing this at nighttime; first, you’ll sleep through the initial stage where they feel the tightest and most uncomfortable. Secondly, the aligners will be much easier to remove in the morning after your teeth have slightly shifted throughout the night. Establishing this habit will make your entire treatment process much smoother.

Correcting your smile is exciting, but you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your treatment! If you have clear aligners, consider these tips to ensure that they deliver the results you desire.

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