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How do I Care for My Orthodontic Expander?

April 11, 2018

Young boy with bracesIf you are undergoing orthodontic treatment using a palatal expander, it’s essential to take care of these appliances to maintain your optimal level of oral health throughout your orthodontic treatment plan Proper care for a non-removable oral appliance like a traditional orthodontic expander can take some extra time, but as long as you stay on top of regularly cleaning your appliance, there should be no adverse effects on your oral health. Since many patients who receive a palatal expander are very young, it’s important for parents to be aware of these at-home oral health care needs as well. In this post, we’ll discuss, in detail, how to best care for your smile while receiving treatment with an orthodontic expander.

Comparing Orthodontics and General Dentistry

May 11, 2016

children's dentist in bethel parkPatients are often referred to the orthodontist by their general dentist, but Cartwright Orthodontics is happy to see you without a referral. We may, however, recommend you schedule an appointment with a general dentist for a checkup first to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy before beginning with braces. Most children initially visit our office after receiving a referral from the children’s dentist in Bethel Park.